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I write the “Enlightenment Column” for the Poetic Monthly Magazine. This month, I decided to cover “Truth” in light of Michael Jackson’s life. In an effort to shine the truth onto one of the greatest men of our times, I have tried to denunciate all the lies, prejudices and misconceptions that have, and still surround MJ. The way I see it, we constantly project ourselves onto others, and so, however we choose to perceive Michael is only a mirror to how we experience ourselves in the world. The inner judge is fierce when it is ruled by fear. Yet, when the light starts shining through, there is hope for L.O.V.E. to be found. Here’s my personal account of a greatly misunderstood soul who, not unlike Jesus, tried to bring L.O.V.E. and Unity into our sorely disconnected world, and by doing so ended up threatening the “fearsome”… May you read these words and let them resonate deep within until all lies are dispelled and all fears disappear, so that Truth may shine through and L.O.V.E. finally reign over us all… “Love lies in the knowledge that fear is nothing but an illusion that can never defile our integrity” AL.

“Honoring the life of the greatest humanitarian and genius of our times”

The amount of time and negative energy that have been wasted trying to deconstruct a man whose undeniably positive contributions to the world span over three generations never fails to stagger me. However, rather than dwell on the negative and become engulfed in the controversy of media-fed prejudices and lies, I suggest that we make the little time we have here actually matter and explore the Michael Jackson phenomenon a little deeper so we may, once and for all, lift the veil of ignorance surrounding one of the greatest humanitarian and genius of our times.
In order to be able to recognize Michael the way he truly deserves to be, we’ll first need to empty our minds from all the questions and doubts that may have been filling them for quite some time now. At the root of our dilemma lies the distorted image we have of stars whom we use as role models and idealize as “gods”, thereby expecting them to be perfect. Yet the reality is otherwise. The truth is that, as beautiful as Michael was, he was still only human. And with the weight of humanity come fears, which Michael never claimed to be impervious to. After all, we all know that even Angels have their weaknesses. That’s why they’re not God! Having shed some light on Michael’s vulnerability and human imperfections, I’d also like to take this opportunity to expose the circumstantial irony of climatic-driven pigmentation as completely irrelevant in the scheme of things. And so, through the wisdom of tolerance, I hope we might finally embrace our differences rather then let them come in between us and prevent us from getting together, the way we did with Michael and so many other gentle and misunderstood souls before him.
The mere fact that being different, innocent, maybe naïve, sometimes even child-like, could lend him such unfair accusations, and for the most despicable crimes against the ones he so adamantly tried to protect his whole life too, clearly reveals the societal dysfunction we have fallen victim to. Through our inability to choose truth over fear, we’ve let prejudices and distorted projections feed the lies and continue to separate us. Looking back at the root cause of separatism, it is evident that what happened to Michael epitomizes a segregation that is rooted in fear; a fear so powerful that it no longer cares about rationality, let alone Truth. However, in all fairness, given the way our world operates these days, I can’t really blame anybody for questioning… Yet the only logical answer to the deeply esoteric philosophical question of where and how one might find truth remains the same throughout the ages and cultures, “Truth is certainly not found in one’s physical and mental constitution or inclinations, but at the core of one’s being, at the heart of what we stand for as humans… i.e. at the core of L.O.V.E.!”
Now that the truth has been shone, I come in all humility to feed our hearts with new questions our minds could never answer; “What has Michael’s message been throughout his whole life but one of LOVE?, What do we hear in his songs?, What do we read in the poetry only a highly sensitive genius soul could write?, Again, is it not Love in action that we see through the endless philanthropic projects MJ generously initiated and supported?” … Don’t you think it’s time we lifted this thick and vile veil of ignorance, take off the mask, and search our souls for a taste of innocence? What more proof do we need to realize that not only did Michael spread a message of Love all around him, through his writings, songs, and music, but that his contribution to the well being of our world extended way beyond his artistic talent! Michael committed himself to our world through the L.O.V.E. he gave; not only to his own children, thereby breaking the cycle of abuse that had scarred him, but to all the children of the world through the myriad of kind and charitable actions he performed. At the end of the day, if something is clear, it is that, in the face of adversity, Michael stood up for the highest principle of all, i.e. he chose L.O.V.E.!
And so in the name of L.O.V.E., I ask, what will we believe? The blood-thirsty, fame-seeking, greedy money-making machine, or will we choose our heart? This is the true symbolism of Michael Jackson and the passionate debates that have woven themselves around the self-proclaimed “invincible“ Icon, Angel for some, Demon to others…. Divided to hate, will we continue to close our hearts and keep gulping down the lies until they bury us all alive, or will we be standing up for the greatest value of all, i.e. TRUTH? … And as the bell starts tolling, will we finally face “The Man in the mirror” and let him enlighten us? For if it is really truth that we seek, then it shouldn’t be too hard to find this treasure self-contained in a simple four-letter word, L.O.V.E.. As Michael and many other wise souls before him intuited “LOVE IS ALL”… And so, let us drop our defenses, ponder over this alien L.O.V.E. and then ask, “What else is there that truly matters on this planet?” And if we can’t feel it quite yet, let us travel through time side by side with our Little Prince, and as the lights start going down and we shall be lying on our deathbed, let us remember “what else really mattered but the LOVE that we had and the LOVE that we shared?” … And if after all this, we still can’t see how everything underlying Michael’ s life, “God’s work” as he called it, was imbued with the essence of LOVE, then I ask that once more we look in the mirror and search our soul for the LOVE that’s always lived there. This LOVE and purity we’ve been rejecting, thereby negating ourselves the higher experience of our true essence. I know it may sound like I’m preaching, but now is the time to leave the judge and the jury so we can truly embrace ourselves in all our beauty. So, forget faults, forget judgments, forget expectations, and let us welcome self-love with open arms so that we too may make our lives count and positively impact our world… In MJ’s inspired words, let us “make the world a better place…for our children and our children’s children.” Because if we don’t, then why even bring them into this world in the first place?
Let me close this Tribute to Michael, with a personal reflection shared by the many whose soul Michael has touched in one way or another, “I’ve lived my life, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve been blind too, but now I see. Because I’ve learnt to know myself and found my heart, I know the truth. And so it is that I will stand for truth and the highest principle of all, L.O.V.E., like MJ did. It’s a choice we all have as human beings, a gift we can’t afford to waste for life is too short to spend it in strife.”
If like me, you’d like to help make a difference in the world, I encourage you to join the beautiful project benefiting abused children, “Dreamcatchers for abused children”, or find out what it is that you’ve come to accomplish on this planet. Give it a try for you might just find yourself… falling in love with your life all over again…
For more information on my inspirational writings, my book dedicated to MJ, “Have You Seen My Childhood: In Memory of Michael Jackson” and my other philanthropic pursuits, please visit my website @

Please forgive me any error or/and omission. This article was written in the context of my Enlightenment Column with a spiritual perspective and of course it expresses my very own view. I did try, though imperfectly, to shine the truth... on L.O.V.E.

Find a free download with a few pictures of Michael for you to keep at the following links (Column on p.40-41)
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