back Mj's case?? !!

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back Mj's case?? !!

Postby sweetaa » 2005-03-02 19:51 GMT

hey how u all doin ?
iv grew up listenin 2 mjs music and think he is a real inspiration to many through out the world.. dont you? he has definatly inspired me into the person i am today.. i am 15 iam who i am and not how otha ppl want me to be..over the years because of the way he luks his had a lot of crap to deal with and i think although he must hurt he dont show it.. which takes alot! ppl shud leave him alone! if he wants to look the way he looks let him.. if he wants to act the way he acts let him...if he wants to do the things he does let him.. i dont believe any of the alegations made towards him i just think things have spiralled out of control and kids.. or familys of the children r just thinking about the money and not the fact that his a human being?
i was think how do ya'll think ?

michael if u ever read this? which u probably wont but i just want you to know that uv got me ... i mean if kno one else i believe you !
and im sure alot of otha ppl on her do 2!

anyways im out
peace n love u all
xxx Lisa xxx
msg me ppl
Be who u want 2 be..not how others want you to be. Sometimes You Have To Smile..Pretend Everythinks Okay..Hold Bak Ur Tears & Just Walk Away..1..xXx
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