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Jones' questions

PostPosted: 2005-05-14 04:11 GMT
by Jones
As one would realize, i'm new to these boards, and before I begin to feel comfortable about my nearly complete knowledge about almost everything related to Michael Jackson, I need these questions to be answered:

1. At the last second of the "beat it" video, a practically illegible scroll pops up. I can make out the first few sentences, but if any one of you can tell me what the concensus of the message is, I would appreciate it greatly.

2. How many albums did Quincy Jones produce? Of Michael Jackson that is.

3. Approximately how many albums did Michael sell worldwide ?

4. What year did Michael do the Pepsi commercial with the Jackson 5?

5. And finally, I'd appreciate it if someone were to point out all of Michael's singles that he had released. From "Off The Wall", to "Invincible".