Michael Jackson Trials

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Michael Jackson Trials

Postby jameswsparker » 2005-11-12 23:07 GMT

I just wanted to say to all you people out there to spread the word about Michael Jackson, the hero, the real king of pop . . .

He is not gulity for child abuse, sleeping with them, blar blar blar...

Ok, he screwed up, who doesn't? Look at the osbournes, Jack went around the next door neighbors house with a paintball gun and fired at their cats and windows, this is nothing unusual with the osbournes, but yet Michael Jackson gets done for tiny little things.

The true answer is, people know he loves children, he said so in the 'History Collection' Book, and so because of that they try to use that against him knowing that they'll win because of the other people pressing against him, people keep on doing this now because he screwed up once and someone else took advantage of it, and also the plastic surgery thing was a mistake, do you really think he wanted to look like a complete screw-up, i just want people to know, Michael Jackson is an innocent man and people who know i'm a fan come to me and say hes a weirdo, why i ask and the answer is, they don't know. The just copy everyone else, pass the good word on about Michael Jackson and let the world know he's good like he really is . . . . :lol:
Long live the real king of pop!
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