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Postby mikro4ncheck » 2005-01-30 22:14 GMT

Dearest the Jackson 5 Family
We, Olga & Norman Muchanyuka write you today after watching your mother and father being grilled or interviewed on ITV channel in UK.
We really felt so sorry for all of you especially Michael at this hour of need.
We are really the same age group with Michael and loved you all through you music to the world.
We followed the good work and genorosity you have shown to the world especailly you concerts towards famine in Africa where you all came from
We are much African than you think as Norman is from Zimbabwe and Olga is from Jamaica and a cousin of the late Bob Marley.
We are simple people with nothing much to give as we are always struggling to make ends meet but love, I mean true love has kept us together hopefull and smilling.
We know that money is the route of all evil and also know that Michael deserved all what he has achieved.
We also know that Michael is not what he is being potrayed as. His true fault is the colour of his skin and the big wallet he controlls.
We therefore want you to know that whatever fate they force upon you, you are not alone. The world over knows the histroy of black men and women, so it will come as no surprise they want to bring you down. What can we do but pray for your family and yourself to be strong and we will always be here for you. We can be poor in metrial things but we are reach in soul.
God Bless you Michael and love to all your family especailly you strong Mum and Dad.

Norman & Olga Muchanyuka
P.S. Your reply and acknowledgement is all we treasure

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